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The Dark

Post-punk/noisy pop prepared in a kitchen

Roger Greenawalt founded the band at Berklee in 1979, with Stu Hamm on bass, Paul Heckert on drums, and Doug Sweet on keyboards. Karlo replaced Stu on bass, which changed the sound from jazz fusion to noisy post-punk with tape loops and artsy-fartsy shit like that. Doug and Paul were replaced by Clark Goodpaster on drums and Bob Familiar on keyboards. After a succession of (mostly female) lead singers, Jace Wilson took over on vocals. Guerilla marketing was the Dark's schtick, including "personalized" tapes and bribes of top shelf liquor for booking agents. Live shows had a whiff of performance art at times, and side projects like 89 Systems, the Dead Lennons, and Dark Week at Gallery East in downtown Boston kept the band at or near the center of attention for a few minutes.

The Dark

Photo: Neal Trousdale